Engineering Steel Performance

More than a coil coating company, we are steel industry pioneers with unique knowledge and experience in research, development and innovation offering quality engineered solutions like InterCoat® ChemGuard and Dry Film Lube.

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Why Chemcoaters

For 20 years we have been the premier coil coating company in the industry, known for precision and excellence. From our central location in Gary Indiana, we serve steel producers, service centers and manufacturers utlizing the resources of our custom designed lineIn everything we do, we push to redefine the steel industry.  Everyone tries to solve customer problems; we tackle industry problems before our customers ask.

InterCoat® ChemGuard

InterCoat® ChemGuard is an innovative corrosion-inhibiting and adhesion-enhancing coating that enhances zinc performance on Galvanized steel. Developed by our research and development team, InterCoat® ChemGuard replaces barrier coatings with permanent chemical bonds performing better than all alternatives.

Dry Film Lube

Chemcoaters offers many Dry Film Lubricants (DFL) featuring the latest Advanced Polymer Technology. DFLs improves formability with a dry-to-the-touch, hard film on metal surfaces, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and die-build up. DFL can increase efficiency and decrease your scrap loss.

Our solutions

We develop forward-thinking products that offer solutions for the steel industry.

Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Innovative corrosion-inhibiting and adhesion-enhancing coating that improves zinc performance on galvanized steel.

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The latest Advanced Polymer Technologies that are a dry-to-the-touch, hard film, which eliminates metal-to-metal contact and die fouling and build-up.

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We provide expert application of passivations and acrylic-coated products to the steel industry.

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Our reclamation process features a variety of brushes for mild to aggressive cleaning for every substrate. Our unique line design allows us to add coatings or oil directly after brushing your coil.

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Our team of experts work directly with your team to solve tough engineering problems.

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Benefits of Dry Film Lubricants in Appliance Production

Benefits of Dry Film Lubricants in Appliance Production

Dry Film Lubricants, or DFLs, provide a better metal-processing experience. When producing metal appliances, DFL eliminates the need for wet lubricants and some peelable plastic films by providing significant lubricity for metal forming with a no-mess, dry-to-the-touch coating.

Our DFL technologies are waterborne coatings that form a hard, temporary film on nearly every metal substrate including HR P&O, CRS, Galvanneal, Aluminized, HDG, EG, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Eliminate the need for oils, pre-lubes, and peelable plastics with an environmentally-safe choice that saves money, reduces scrap and improves part quality.

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