Chemcoaters brings corrosion inhibitor InterCoat® ChemGuard into Welded Tubes Market

After extensive testing against industry-standard coatings, Chemcoaters has presented its specialty corrosion inhibitor, InterCoat® ChemGuard, for galvanized (welded) tube products. Chemcoaters developed this specialized formula in conjunction with a local partner for in-line application. InterCoat® ChemGuard has been trusted by companies in the steel coil and sheet industry since 2010. This marks the first time InterCoat® ChemGuard has been marketed for application outside steel coils and sheet since its inception in 2010.

InterCoat® ChemGuard stands apart from other polymer-heavy coatings on the market today, thanks to its ability to chemically react with a galvanized surface and form a permanent, InterReactive® bond. Highly customizable, InterCoat® ChemGuard also provides a spectrum of performance options.

“While there were other corrosion inhibitors in the market, there was a gap for custom products that serve the customers with exactly what they need, at a competitive cost,” stated Brit Capizzano, Director of R&D at Chemcoaters.

“We invested the necessary time at the customer’s production site – reviewing process parameters and comparing our product’s performance against industry benchmarks,” said Ted Jarosz, consultant at Chemcoaters. “We didn’t compromise and came up with a formulation that worked for the customer’s line requirements.”

InterCoat® ChemGuard is manufactured and applied at Chemcoaters, a Gary, IN coating facility and is suitable for most galvanized substrates. It could be furnished to tube producers as either pre-coated galvanized steel strip, applied at Chemcoaters’ facility, or liquid coating applied in-line at the tube-producing facility. Most formulas are RoHS-compliant and can be tailored towards specific requirements – like weldability, adhesion-promotion, and ECOAT/BIW-compatibility.