InterCoat® ChemGuard

What is InterCoat® ChemGuard?

InterCoat® ChemGuard is a corrosion-inhibiting adhesion-enhancing coating that creates a permanent molecular reaction with most zinc and zinc-alloy coated substrates.

InterCoat® ChemGuard:

  • Enhances zinc performance on galvanized steel
  • Greatly extends the corrosion protection of galvanized products, so you can buy steel at a lower cost with improved performance
  • RoHS compliant and free of Hexavalent Chromium; available chrome free
  • Has properties that enhance processing, such as roll-forming & stamping
  • Reduces the amount of zinc runoff in the environment
  • Eliminates the need for a broad inventory mix, reducing and simplifying SKUs

Why InterCoat® ChemGuard

Cost Savings

InterCoat® ChemGuard was created by our research and development team to be an environmentally-friendly product that reduces the need for zinc coatings heavier than G30 and eliminates the need for temporary corrosion protection. Never buy G90 or above again: With InterCoat™ ChemGuard, your steel will be better protected from rust and cost less.

Better Protection

G30 with InterCoat™ ChemGuard is proven to perform better than hexavalent chromium passivated G235.

See the Third-Party Test Results

How InterCoat® ChemGuard Works

InterCoat® ChemGuard is a technological advance that reacts directly with the galvanized surface, forming strong chemical bonds that provide unique properties to the metal substrate. With increased lubricity compared to oil, InterCoat® ChemGuard extends the life of zinc and protects the metal through all your secondary processing, such as stamping, roll forming and cutting.

With InterCoat® ChemGuard, customers reduce the need for heavy zinc coatings, such as G90-G235.


Intercoat Chemguard performs like nothing else. 

Performs on galvanneal


At 500 hours there is very little change.

At over 1,500 hours there is less that 1% white rust and no red rust.

Protects through stamping

With increased lubricity — a low coefficient of friction — there is no need for oil to gain increased performance with less force to draw and astonishing corrosion resistance:

A40 Galvanneal Chemphos+oil is typical for automotive stamping and gets to 50% red rust in just 36 hours.

If stamping applications use HDG, a G40 + wet stamping lube can show 10% red rust after 136 hours. But the industry standard LDH Dome Test with InterCoat®ChemGuard on either material goes to 600 hours—as a formed part!

Protects through welding

With heavy zinc (such as G165 or G235) welding can be inefficient and costly. The welding of heavy galvanized coatings requires more energy to get through the additional metal mass, increases replacement frequency of weld tips due to fouling, and can even increase labor costs due to the need to grind away zinc to allow proper welding.  Lower galvanized coating weights in combination with InterCoat®ChemGuard, allows processors to keep costs down and allow welding efficiencies to go up.

Protects through scratching

InterCoat®ChemGuard is not only embedded and integrated, it’s also InterReactive®, which means if you scratch or scribe it, the zinc that it is bonded with is exposed and self-healing!

Not like paint or barrier coatings—this continues to provide corrosion protection!

Protects in subtropical environments

Here are before and after pictures of InterCoat ChemGuard protected panels that have been exposed to subtropical conditions for three years.

Performs on electro-galvanized substrate (EG)

30G/30G at less than 100 hours – 60% red rust.

At more than ten times longer in the same salt spray cabinet—1,100 hours—maybe 10% red rust with InterCoat®ChemGuard!

Protects cut edges

You know how when you cut carbon steel it seems to almost instantly rust on the cut edge? And how hard it is to prevent it using any traditional method?

This is .070 gauge production material cut after InterCoat®ChemGuard was applied and put in a salt spray box with bare HDG G40. At 144 hours you get what you would expect—rust. But astonishingly, the same metal is pristine on the edge after 2,520 hours.

Protects through cold reduction

The most extreme evidence of our InterReactive® coating, which is embedded with the zinc and integrated at the molecular level, is the customer who cold reduces excess galvanneal by 50% with no loss of coating.

Even with all the vertical and horizontal forces, the InterCoat®ChemGuard remains intact and functioning, providing continuous corrosion protection!

Protects perforations

Results after drilling a hole into three peices of galvanized metal and putting each peice in a salt spray test for 1,ooo hours:

Hot dipped galvanize: 80% red rust on the perforation.

Galvalum: 60% rust on the perforation.

InterCoat®ChemGuard: No rust on perforation

Protects in the ground

These InterCoat ChemGuard protected panels were buried in the ground in Gary, Indiana for 3 years. As you can see, they are still in perfect condition.

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