Third Party Testing Confirms Superior Performance of Intercoat® ChemGuard

Heavy zinc coatings (G90 and above) have been present in the market for decades, solving the century-old problem of corrosion, allowing steel to be used in a variety of applications.  Today, that all changes – InterCoat® ChemGuard allows customers to purchase zinc at G30 or lower while providing corrosion performance superior to that of the highest grade of continuously galvanized – HDG G235 (even when coated with a hexavalent chromate passivation).  Chemcoaters has conducted thousands of salt spray tests over the course of 7 years to validate this, but most recently we set out to have an independent third-party lab illustrate this performance to the world.

The result:  InterCoat® ChemGuard outperformed every one of the heavy galvanized coatings considered to be “industry standards” for corrosion protection – all on G30 HDG.  Here is a summary of the results of this independent, third-party test:

The implications are staggering – users can experience vastly superior corrosion protection at a fraction of the cost of heavy metallic zinc weights.  InterCoat® ChemGuard provides value in the most classic of ways: a better product at a lower price.

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