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Dry Film Lubricant for

Appliance Manufacturing

Dry Film Lubricant (DFL)

Dry Film Lubricants, or DFLs, provide a better metal-processing experience. When producing metal appliances, DFL eliminates the need for wet lubricants by providing significant lubricity for metal forming with a no-mess, dry-to-the-touch coating.

  • Ensures the best part quality for steel and aluminium forming
  • Protects to ensure that each unit remains flawless
  • Can extend the life of your equipment and materials
  • Eliminates the mess of oil in your facility
  • Reduces the need for plastic film as a protective coating
  • Works around tight grooves, delicate bends and precision cuts
  • Protects interior and exterior components from scuffing or scratching



 Oven Ranges

Chafer Trays 

Washing Machines & Dryers

Sink Basins 

DFL Advantages

Dry Film Lubricant eliminates the need for oils, pre-lubes, and other compounds that are currently used to aid in the stamping and forming process. DFL is an environmentally safe choice that saves money, reduces scrap and improves part quality.


  • Usable on most metal substrates
  • Eliminates metal-to-metal contact, protecting the tool and formed part
  • Reduces die maintenance and die adjustments during long runs
  • Doesn’t affect secondary processing (Slitting, CTL, etc.)
  • Eliminates oil clean-up time
  • Eliminates need for rust preventatives and washing steps before welding and stamping
  • Roll metals straight off one line and into the next one without additional processing


  • Decreased wear-and-tear prolongs equipment life
  • Can complete longer runs with fewer stops
  • Reduce scrap rates
  • Immediately increase substrate formability
  • Reduce steel grade without sacrificing product quality
  • Reduce facility cleaning costs by eliminating oil-based lubricants
  • Reduce air and fire safety hazards from storing oil-based lubricants


  • Provide consistent, defect-free parts with longer-lasting equipment
  • Benefit from transportation corrosion protection
  • Protect tight grooves, delicate bends and precision cuts
  • Suitable for deep-draw stamping
  • Easily remove DFL with an alkaline cleaner
  • Some DFLs provide weldability without removal


  • Removable after use
  • Eliminates the need for oils and other drawing compounds
  • Eliminate oil drum storage
  • Reduce respiratory and fire safety risks from wet lubricants
  • Reduce need for protective plastic films on interior/exterior appliance components
  • Removes VOCs and HAPs from processing


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