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InterCoat® ChemGuard for

Truck / Trailer & Other
Transportation Applications

Corrosion Protection for Severe Service

The InterCoat® ChemGuard family is comprised of a series of corrosion-inhibitors developed for galvanized steel applications in demanding environments.  Unlike many other corrosion inhibitors – InterCoat® ChemGuard formulations are hybrid conversion coatings: they bond with the zinc on galvanized substrates and convert a portion of their surface to a distinct corrosion-resistant chemistry.  The resulting surface matrix is customizable and allows Chemcoaters to engineer specific product attributes alongside extreme corrosion resistance.


We currently deploy InterCoat® ChemGuard to tackle a number of issues faced by Truck/Trailer OEMs and fabricators:

Road Salt & Corrosive Service

Salt is a major cause of corrosion for steel components, especially in regions with a pronounced winter season.  Service vehicles are susceptible to corrosion on both external and internal surfaces (due to the tracking of salt into internal areas of the vehicle).  InterCoat® ChemGuard is built to greatly extend time to white & red rust and is already helping OEMs reduce rust claims in the field.

Body-in-White (“BIW”) Compatibility

BIW processes are extremely sensitive- finding a robust corrosion inhibitor compatible with adhesive/ sealant chemistries & wet-section treatments can be a real challenge. InterCoat® ChemGuard was approved by a major BIW system supplier in 2020 for truck end-use.


InterCoat® ChemGuard products for transportation applications are RoHS-compliant.  Ask us about more stringent requirements as well!

Other Processing Challenges

Our various formulations are tailored towards specific needs – weldability, adhesion-promotion, lubricity, and even aesthetic requirements.  Chemcoaters’ in-house R&D team can formulate a version of InterCoat® ChemGuard to address your unique challenges.

Why InterCoat® ChemGuard

Cost Savings

InterCoat® ChemGuard enables OEMs to improve their bottom line in three ways:

  • Reduce Warranty Expense:  End-users and fleet operators will benefit from fewer field claims.
  • Reduced Raw Material Spend:  InterCoat® ChemGuard allows users to specify lower coating weights on their underlying substrate.
  • Process Elimination:  Several customers have been able to streamline process routes and boost productivity via incorporation of InterCoat® ChemGuard.

Chemcoaters is a major proponent of Continuous Improvement – small changes at the product or process level quickly add up to big changes in our clients’ profitability!

Better Protection

G30 with InterCoat™ ChemGuard is proven to perform better than hexavalent chromium passivated G235.  OEMs also benefit from its self-healing characteristics and cut-edge protection.

See the Third-Party Test Results

Technical Resources

How InterCoat® ChemGuard Works

InterCoat® ChemGuard is a patented hybrid conversion coating that bonds with most zinc or zinc-alloy coatings on steel strip. This bond is permanent and yields a new surface chemistry. This new chemistry serves as a robust life-extender for steel coated with zinc and zinc alloys.


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