The History of Chemcoaters

Established in 2001 as a first of its kind, our innovative, continuous, coil processing line was designed specifically for the most economical application of environmentally friendly waterborne coating systems. These waterborne coatings have extremely low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and have non-existent levels of HAPs (hazardous air pollutants). The technological advantage of these coatings gives Chemcoaters the cost advantage of not having to purchase and maintain expensive environmental equipment to capture and destroy these hazardous VOC’s and HAP’s.

Chemcoaters has strategically integrated the various steps of the coil coating process into a compact 72” wide line, that can handle up to 72,000 pound coils ranging in thickness from .008” to .125”. This makes the Chemcoaters line one of the largest capacity lines in the world, with a cross section capability exceeding 6.800”. Our line process transports just a little over 600 feet of linear strip through the processing line, allowing Chemcoaters to be a very “low touch” process. This “low touch” design, allows us to deliver a higher quality product as there are only thirteen rolls that touch the strip after the coating process.

Chemcoaters 80,000 square foot humidity controlled facility is situated in the heart of the Midwest steel manufacturing area. Our convenient location is ideally situated within easy access to major interstate routes and railroads. Chemcoaters has in-plant rail service so your company can control logistical costs on your shipping and receiving requirements.