A Few Facts

Fact #1: Switching from G90 to G30 with InterCoat® ChemGuard is an easy way to save your company money. If you’re a heavy zinc buyer, i.e. G160 or G235, the differential is simply breathtaking. Regardless of the zinc weight being used, when combined with this compound, you’ll have dramatically better, longer corrosion protection versus zinc at a much lower cost. Less zinc would be reaching waterways, fewer coating weights to inventory and maintain (G30 can replace up to G235), and less impact on your business from the fluctuation in zinc price. You can calculate your specific savings with our help; email us.

Fact #2: If you’ve ever put something over galvanized product that created additional issues, the process itself may have put you off to the idea of doing so in the future. But InterCoat® ChemGuard actually makes the material easier to work with without additional chemical treatment or oil. A low coefficient of friction and being bonded at the molecular level means that it doesn’t come off like a barrier coating and has greater formability than galvanized steel alone. It gives metal a better die life while maintaining its weldability and paintability. Fewer dollars spent processing means more dollars for your business.

Fact #3: Coming soon, a new way to cover galvanized steel without traditional pretreatments or the need for expensive primers. We are partnering with an established manufacturer of coatings to market in conjunction with our InterCoat® ChemGuard (which goes over lightweight zinc) and their proprietary paint. This system is more cost-effective and offers superior corrosion protection while replacing a whole range of less effective and more costly products. Look for news on this site and on the ChemCoaters website.

Fact #4: Our patented formula comes in many variations, one of which is an economic formulation to be antimicrobial. ChemGuard AM protects your steel from odor-causing and staining microbes such as mold and bacteria while still maintaining the same extensive corrosion protection as all other InterCoat® ChemGuard products. ChemGuard AM was developed over a 2-year period with results tested and verified from numerous testing labs, including the University of Arizona.

InterCoat® ChemGuard is a revolutionary technological breakthrough with innovative applications and a dramatic improvement over current galvanized products.