Capabilities: General Line Specs

Our Coil Coating Line is State-of-the-Art and Designed Specifically for the Low Cost and Efficient Application of Waterborne Coatings and Dry Film Lubricants.

Strip Material Cold Rolled Steel, Electro-Galvanized,
Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled,
Hot Dip Galvanized, Galvalume,
Galvaneal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Strip Width Maximum 72″
Minimum 20″
Strip Thickness Maximum .125″
Minimum .008″
Cross-Section Maximum 6.3
Metal- Thickness(inches)x
Coil-Width (inches
Entry Coils Coil Weight 72,000 lbs. max.
Coil O.D. 84″ max., 34″ min.
Coil I.D. 20″ and 24″
Incoming Coils Must be Coil-Coatable
Outgoing Coils Tight Straight Edge or Staggerwind
Payoff Over/Under
Recoiling Over/Under