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Chemcoaters acrylic DFL’s have a very
low coefficient of friction, from 0.04 to 0.10,
meaning deep draw stampings, for example,
require no secondary wet lube and, in many
cases, make products that could not previously be drawn producible on lower tonnage presses. Combined with an often lighter gauge material possible in forming the part, these products yield significant cost savings to end users, while making the
service center’s value proposition more appealing.
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Our pre-painted coils have the environmental benefit of water- borne coating plus low-to-no VOCs. The Chemcoaters line comprises multi-stage alkaline cleaning, 4-stage brushing (2 on top, 2 on bottom), 2-stage rinsing and a dry-in-place pass with
heated air drying.
Two-sided vertical inspection areas are positioned before and after the precision load-cell controlled coating stages, while our IR oven is constantly controlled for material width/thickness and coating performance optimization.
Material contacts just 13 rollers after the coating occurs, making our “low touch” system the industry standard, compared to most coil coaters. In this case, 13 is a very lucky number!
Our prepaints are engineered to suit all application requirements, including rollforming, welding, deep draw, chemical and corrosion resistance. We offer an array of thin-film coatings for motor lams,
conductivity issues and anti-fingerprint characteristics.
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Chemcoaters pretreatments and chemtreats (passivations) are applied to metals that are either oiled or dried. Our cleaning process is the benchmark of the industry for both removal of oil, dirt and corrosion as well as our dry-in-place process, meaning there are no waste by-products produced. All coatings are either applied or captured and returned to a container in a completely closed process. We do no water quenching after treatment
and drying occur, rather we utilize a chiller roll system which eliminates any chemical wash that needs capture and treatment before disposal.
Pretreatments are most often used to prevent corrosion under an organic coating. Our pretreatments can be chrome, non-chrome or RoHS compliant coatings.
Chemtreats or passivations are applied to all zinc-coated metal substrates such as HDG, HDGA, Galvan®, Galvalume®, Galvaneal®, Aluminized CRS and Electro-Galvanized Steel. Their purpose is the enhancement of corrosion resistance without the need for a secondary organic coating. They provide additional storage shelf life as well as added protection of the metal in outdoor or other ambient environmental conditions.
Chemcoaters has been working with its suppliers in the development and application of thin-film coatings, combining organic and inorganic coatings for enhanced performance characteristics in metal products used in the building, appliance
and consumer electronics markets, among others.
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Reclamation might seem a sidebar to our great coil processing story at Chemcoaters, but it has become a vital part of our service package. Our cleaning process comprises two 34’ long high- pressure alkaline (non-phosphate) cleaners. Sandwiched between the cleaners is a 4-stage rotary brushing unit, with 2 top and 2 bottom brushes. We finish with a 2-stage hot water rinse,
a chrome-free chemtreat applicator, when required by the job, and finally a hot air drying station.
Chemcoaters has successfully reclaimed secondary materials and converted them back to prime condition, as a result of our processing capability. This applies to nearly every substrate on the market today and it is a great source of pride for our company.
Our service can be a positive resource for any mill, service center,
transport vendor, reclamation or insurance resolution company.
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