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And, of course, the support staff at Chemcoaters makes a big difference in the delivery of our overall value. You’ll find these folks to be among the most knowledgeable, creative and technically innovative in the industry. One size NEVER fits
all at Chemcoaters.
Complementing our line is our lab, where IR testing and a variety of surface testing procedures are performed. Plus, our chem lab works in concert with our coating suppliers to constantly update the products we apply, to ensure their compliance, performance, durability and surface integrity.
Chemcoaters preps all the rollers used in our “light and low touch” facility, so the products you send us for processing are contacted in exactly the right manner for the job at hand.
In parallel to our production line is our coil inventory, staging and materials handling area, including two overhead, high-speed cranes and in-plant rail service.
End to end, Chemcoaters lives out its green commitment.
You’ll find total recycling and environmental containment in every corner of our facility, from the coil entry layer separation paper to every downstream chemical used and VCI-impregnated plastic wrapping on finished coils. Although the vast majority of our coatings are waterborne, we take great care in capturing any emissions, liquid or vapor, that might contain even the slightest trace of hazardous chemicals. Chemcoaters works closely with customers who have engaged Green Initiative and LEED programs, making us a premier Green Coil Coater for you.
Ask us about the Chemcoaters GREEN ADVANTAGE!
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