Let Our Chemcoaters Innovative Process Keep Your Company Competitive In Today’s Global Metal Manufacturing Market!

Chemcoaters Will Design In Product Performance, Production Efficiency, Quality Consistency & Environmental Responsibility!

Process Value Advantages

The Chemcoaters Value Process is the “Lowest Touch” and “Most Efficient” coil coating line in the industry. Higher product quality and consistency with our dual two-side inspection areas before and after the coating station, load-cell controlled GFG coater, and infra-red curing oven. The highest coil processing through-put in the industry: best gauge and width capability in the
industry, 72,000 lb. coil capacity, and in-line coil splitting, edge trimming and strand extensioning, allowing for processing of double wide and eliminating post slitting.
Chemcoaters has the ability to apply two-sided electrostatic oils, prelubes, vanishing oils and ATBC oils at uniform and precision controlled thickness.Chemcoaters offers a vast array of packaging to suit any customer needs, including our State-of-the-Art through-the-center coil wrapping utilizing VCI-impregnated plastic wrapping.

Service Value Advantages

Chemcoaters has personal and professional Customer Service with experience to manage your J.I.T. or Kanban inventory program. Chemcoaters has EDI-based inventory tracking capabilities for those customers who desire real-time integration.

Chemcoaters is the Solution Provider for metal processing problems. Please Contact our staff of experts who will help you in designing a solution for your most difficult problems.