Pretreatments and Chemtreatments (Passivations)

Our State-of-the-Art Coil Line was Built to be the Most Efficient, Low Cost Applicator of Dried-In-Place Chrome, Non-Chrome and RoHS Compliant Pretreatments and Chemical Passivations.

Chemcoaters Process:

Chemcoaters line is designed to process any metal substrates that are either oiled or dried. Our extensive Cleaning Section consists of multiple alkaline cleaners, a four roll brush unit that is located in between these cleaning stations and a multi-stage rinsing section. Chemcoaters can greatly improve the appearance of your strip by removing oils, dirt, and some level of corrosion that may be present on the surface. After the metal surface has been cleaned, brushed and dried, the strip goes through an inspection area where the strip is visually inspected prior to applying the pretreatment or chemtreat that you ordered. Today, pretreatments can be applied in a Dry-In-Place Process, which means that the chemicals are applied to the metal surface with a roll coater and then dried in place. This is the only process that Chemcoaters uses, because it is the most environmentally friendly process. There are no waste by-products using this process when treating your metal. All coatings are either applied to the strip or returned to its’ original container. Also, Chemcoaters has no water quenching after treating and drying your metal. Rather, we use chiller rolls where there is absolutely no chance for any kind of chemical wash off that needs to be captured and treated prior to disposal.

What is a Pretreatment and why is it applied:

The purpose of a pretreatment is to prepare the metal surface to receive an organic coating and to prevent corrosion of the metal surface from undercutting the organic coating. Pretreatments can be chrome, non-chrome or RoHS compliant coatings. As the technology of non-chrome products continues to improve, more and more customers are requesting these environmentally friendly RoHS compliant coatings.

What is a Passivation (Chemtreat) and why is it applied:

Passivation coatings can be applied to any metal substrates that are zinc coated,
for example: HDG, HDGA, GALVAN®, GALVALUME®, GALVANEAL®, Aluminized CRS and Electro-Galvanized. The purpose of the coating is to give the metal surface an enhanced corrosion protection without an application of an organic coating. These treatments supply additional storage protection or added protection for outside applications. Examples of these types of applications are grain elevators, roadside guardrails and bare metal building products. Usually, if a metal surface is passivated, it will not be painted later on.

Recently, new Passivations have been developed which are a combination of organic and inorganic coatings. These coatings are referred to as thin-film coatings. Applications in which these coatings can be used are broad and still growing. Some current applications are building products, decorative brushing coatings (tinted or non-tinted), anti-finger print coatings for appliances and electronic boxes, and conductive/ weldable coatings. These products can offer the end customer a significant improvement in corrosion protection and can be offered in chrome, non-chrome and RoHS compliant products.

Because of the wide range of applications available for these products, our Chemcoaters Technical Representative will be able to assist you in the selection of a product that best suits your needs.