Pre-Painted Metal (PPM)


Dare to Compare the Chemcoaters Pre-Painted Advantage - Lower Cost Higher Efficiency. Chemcoaters is the Innovative and Technological Leader in Advanced Waterborne Coating Systems for your Pre-Painted Needs.

Product Advantages

All Chemcoaters Pre-Paint Coating Systems are Waterborne, with no or very low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). All our coatings are designed exclusively to be applied and cured on our State-of-the-Art cost efficient coating line.

The Chemcoaters line has multi-stage alkaline cleaners, 4-stage brushing (2 top/2 bottom), 2-stage rinsing, a Dry-In-Place Chemcoater and a heated air dryer. There are two-sided vertical inspection areas before and after the precision and load cell controlled GFG coater. Our paint systems are cured by an Infra-red oven that automatically adjusts to be most effective based on product gauge and width, line speed adjustments and coating effectiveness.

Our coated product only contacts 13 rolls after the paint system is applied. Therefore, making our coating line, the only “Low Touch” coater in the industry for your high quality and surface critical applications.

Many coil coaters supply water based paint systems, the “Chemcoaters Real Green Advantage” is that we only run waterborne paint systems that have very low to no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). We are setting the standard for environmentally friendly coating systems.

Product Availability

Depending on your company’s application and end use, Chemcoaters has a paint system to fit your needs. Chemcoaters has RoHS compliant economical Acrylic blends with 0T – 1T flexibility to very complex acrylic-epoxy blended paint systems designed to resolve specific customer issues. These systems can be designed for roll forming and deep drawing applications, chemical resistance, weldability, and corrosion resistance. Chemcoaters also has an array of thin film coatings for motor laminations, conductivity and anti-fingerprint characteristics.

Applicable Substrates

Chemcoaters has Pre-Painted coating systems for every substrate, including, but not limited to: HRS, CRS, Galvaneal®, Aluminized, HDG, EG, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Markets We Serve

Chemcoaters currently serves the Automotive, Transportation, Appliance, Building and Construction, Consumer Durables and the Metal Service Center Industries.

Chemcoaters Advantage

Chemcoaters can apply many different types of Pre-Painted coating systems. If your company has recently undertaken a Green Initiative Program, please give us a call and see why Chemcoaters really is the only true "Green Coil Coater."