Dry Film Lubricants (DFL)


Chemcoaters is the Leading Supplier of Coil Coated Dry Film Lubricants (DFL) to the Metal Stamping Industry. All Dry Film Lubricants are RoHS Compliant.

Our Coil Coating Line is State-of-the-Art and Designed Specifically for the Low Cost and Efficient Application of Waterborne Coatings and Dry Film Lubes.

Product Advantages

Acrylic Dry Film Lubricants (DFL's) have a low coefficient of friction ranging from 0.04 to 0.10. This low coefficient of friction enables these DFL's to form parts that would not normally form, or would be difficult to form, using a normal wet lube. Because of the nature and hardness of DFL's, they are able to reduce or eliminate metal-to-metal contact. This reduces galling of the part and subsequent damage to the dies, resulting in: less die maintenance, improved efficiencies, minimized breakage, and enhanced profitability. DFL's eliminate the need for oils, pre-lubes, and drawing compounds.

They will also increase the formability of your metals allowing you to see an increase in your productivity and through-put by increasing your coil to coil yields. The use of a DFL could also allow you to change the grade of metal currently being used to make your part. This could potentially lead to substantial cost savings and reduce your overall cost of the formed component. Furthermore, DFL's will reduce overall waste, improve housekeeping and more importantly, improve the safety of your plant by eliminating wet lubes.

Product Availability

Depending on the severity of the draw and the forming process, there are many different types of DFL's. DFL's can be matched to achieve the best performance in an economical manner. Looking for a competitive edge? Read about how the "Chemcoaters Advantage" can work for you, and visit our "Case Studies and Testimonials" section to help you drive your applied costs down and profitability up!

Applicable Substrates

Chemcoaters has DFL products for every substrate, including, but not limited to: HRS, CRS, Galvaneal®, Aluminized, HDG, EG, Aluminum (various grades), and stainless steel (various grades).

Markets We Serve

Chemcoaters currently serves the Automotive, Transportation, Appliance, Building and Construction, Consumer Durables, and the Metals Service Center industries and markets.

Chemcoaters Advantage

Chemcoaters can apply many different types of Dry Film Lubricants. Let us help you eliminate your toughest part to form! Please Contact Us to speak with our technical experts to determine which product is best for your application and needs.