A certain automotive stamper was stamping a part with oil, sending parts out to be washed and dried.  Then they were to be packaged and sent to Mexico for installation.

PROBLEM: Regardless of how dry they could get the parts, condensation would form in the package and cause the parts to be rusty upon arrival.

SOLUTION: Material coated with InterCoat® ChemGuard allows the parts to be stamped dry.  Thus, eliminating the washing & drying, the additional WIP time and freight back and forth to the parts cleaner.  The parts are packaged directly from the line and shipped out.  Millions of parts later and the customer is completely happy.


A different automotive stamper was processing an engine component with oil and sending it on the end customer.  A gasket needed to be applied to the perimeter of the part.  Integrity of that adhesion was paramount.

PROBLEM: Regardless of how much they tried to dry off the part, enough oil residue remained to cause portions of the gasket not to adhere to the metal.

SOLUTION: By using InterCoat® ChemGuard, the processor was able to stamp the parts dry and keep the surface clean.  Due to the tremendous adhesion characteristics of InterCoat® ChemGuard, the gasket had no problem staying in tact.  Now in production with 100% satisfaction with the auto maker.